Fire and Mozzarella


January 3, 2015 by paiday

Although fall and summer are the times for grilling, it is the time right after Christmas that Pinterest lights up with new boards on the Big Green Eggs. For a select few who were really good all year, a new grill arrived via Santa.

One of my favorite dishes to cook on the Egg is pizza. Everyone will be buying meat to cook, but, really, let me encourage grillers to try out the pizza. It doesn’t have to be a big ordeal; you can even use a pre-made crust (although homemade is better – I won’t lie).

Assemble the ingredients that you like. Heat the grill to medium and get to grilling. Make sure that you close the top and that the grill is at 350-400 so that you don’t burn the bottom and end up with unmelted cheese. Delicious!


I believe that you could do this with any type of grill but charcoal does give the pizza that pizza oven flavor. Our grill rep said you can even throw a frozen pizza on the grill and it comes out amazing.

That’s my little grill tip. Have fun!

(Oh, and my husband uses a leaf blower to get it started. It shaves off half the time. That’s tip number two.)



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