Ecuadorian New Years


December 31, 2014 by paiday


After a wonderful reunion dinner with some Ecuadorian friends, my New Year’s menu began to evolve. The projected menu had originally consisted of beef tenderloin, fingerling potatoes, salad, and champagne cocktails. How expected and mundane. Sure it’s delicious but where is the fun, the spontaneity, the communal aspect?

In re-creating certain aspects of my newly adopted Ecuadorian menu, I have been privileged to take some traditional recipes, mix in some of my own touches, and open the menu to the friends who will be attending.

The evolution is beautiful: fajita steaks on the Big Green Egg, guac, slow cooker black beans, butternut squash soup, and assorted tortillas. In the south, we eat black-eyed peas, collards, and pork on the New Year to symbolize the attraction of money and luck for the year to come. In today’s cooking, I have been surprised to realized the relevancy and symbolism of my current menu. Black beans for the coins to come, added smoked pork for prosperity, and guacamole for the green wealth.

The best part of this menu plan is the barbecue. We cook together. There are plenty of days to enjoy hostessing dinner parties but what more could you ask for than for the year to come to house a full kitchen instead of a full dining room?

Ecuadorian Fajita Steak

2 pounds of fajita meat (I used thin sliced sirloin)

1 large onion

1 cup of orange juice

1/2 cup of tequila

2 packets of fajita seasoning

Slice the onion in large pieces. Place the fajita meat in a gallon size ziplock and add the onion, orange juice, tequila, and fajita seasoning. Pre-heat a charcoal grill to medium. Grill the steaks until medium. Serve with grilled tortillas, pico, black beans, and guacamole.

Slow Cooker Black Beans

For the black bean recipe, I used this slow cooker recipe found on Cafe Johnsonia.

To tweak her recipe just a bit, I added a can of Rotel tomatoes and a packet of Jamon seasoning from Goya.

Stay tuned for some pics from our New Year’s revelry.



One thought on “Ecuadorian New Years

  1. Lazy Suzan says:

    Very lovely post – love the “substitute” symbolism 🙂

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