Eating Outside the Box


February 27, 2014 by paiday

After many reschedules and attempts at a dinner party, I finally had the pleasure of dining at my friend Jusilla’s. Always a fan of a dinner party, I promptly accepted, but little did I know that a Spanish themed feast was in store. 


Asparagus with a blue-cheese sauce.

 Located in Columbia County, GA, Jusilla offers her culinary services to clients looking for something besides run-of-the-mill chicken fingers and cheese balls for their next dinner party or function. Originally from Spain, Jusilla brings the exotic to the Augusta region by specializing in dishes such as Paella and Torrijas and while the food is delicious, the chef is charismatic and loves to talk about Spanish food and culture. 

 The dinner started with a selection of hors d’oeuvres. Spanish tortilla, which is a potato, onion, and egg frittata, anchovy stuffed olives, and smoked salmon spread had been prepared. The Spanish tortilla is a traditional offering in Spanish cuisine as a first course, while the homemade smoked salmon spread consisted of pieces of smoked and fresh salmon mixed lightly in an aioli. 

Following the European tradition, the meal consisted of courses which are served a la carte. The first course of appetizers, gave way to a baked ham dish which was both flavorful and eye-catching. The ham was baked with grape tomatoes and mushrooms in a light au jus. Jusilla served an asparagus with blue-cheese sauce with the ham which was a delicious accompaniment. 


Ham baked with grape tomatoes and mushrooms.

To round out our dinner, torrijas, which is a type of Spanish french toast, were served. Topped with Anisetta and freshly whipped cream, they were a perfect finish to the meal. If you are looking for something that will have people talking about your next event, send a query to my Facebook or my WordPress inbox and I will be happy to provide contact information for Chef Jusilla, who offers a true Spanish experience.  


Spanish Torijilla topped with whipped cream.


Jusilla, our illustrious host, prepares authentic Spanish cuisine in home




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