Sausage and Lederhosen

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October 14, 2012 by paiday

I have always loved the American propensity to embrace the holidays of every other nation. Just like the melting pot that we are we will raise our margaritas for Mexico on Cinco de Mayo, bring out the French flag for Bastille Day, dance a jig on St. Patrick’s, and drink from the boot for Oktoberfest.

Georgia celebrates Oktoberfest from Savannah to Helen with patrons sporting their new ebay purchased lederhosen (who knew those things were so expensive – but then again embroidered leather clothing will last a lifetime), and raising a pint on Riverstreet or passing the boot in the Festhall.

Augusta’s most traditional Oktoberfest is held at Villa Europa and has been a raucous display of authenticity for the past 40 years. But this year, Augusta offered one more stop on the German tour for those who were looking for something a little more wayward. The Rooster’s Beak, a downtown taqueria, offered their spin on beer and sausage with Oktuberfest. Rooster’s Beak prides themselves on providing those in the know with American microbrews, but for this particular event they broke from the norm and provided patrons with actual fest beers from Germany. Featured were Weinstephaner and Ayinger beers, both of which are award winning. The menu focused on traditional German fare with the chefs original spin.

Munich steak with spatzle

Rabbit goulash with a buttery pastry topping.










Our table started with the house made pretzels with beer cheese sauce. We sampled everything on the menu for the night, but the chicken stole the show. The chicken had been brined for days and was truly divine, enough so that it made me rethink my adversity to ordering chicken in restaurants. The menu reads so well that I decided to include it below.

Some good friends, a couple of pitchers of hard to find brew, and food like a German grandmother just came to town, equals one good time and a great way to kick off the month.

Kyle’s sausage party on display for all to see

Rooster’s Beak Oktuberfest Menu (held Sept. 29, 2012)

HOUSE MADE PRETZELS – beer cheese sauce

TOASTED CHEESE – aged cheddar, pickled onion marmalade, bacon jam, worcestshire sauce

FRIED GOAT CHEESE and ROASTED BEET SALAD – spelt crouton, shaved red onion, shaved fennel, tarragon vinaigrette

RABBIT GOULASH POT PIE – braised rabbit, root vegetables, puff pastry

MUNICH STEAK – flat iron, peppery greens, hot bacon vinaigrette, walnuts, spatzle, charred onions, munich-herb demi

KYLE’S BRAVARIAN SAUSAGE PARTY – sauerkraut, yum yums, house made mustard, warm german potato salad

ROASTED HALF CHICKEN – chicken mustard veloute, sauerkraut, knodel (bread dumpling)

Sidewalk sitting is perfect for this rowdy group.


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