Mastering Easter


April 3, 2012 by paiday

The mild winter might have made an early display of the azaleas in Augusta this year, but not even the lack of the signature pink and white blooms could stop the collision of the green jacket and the pastel Southern Belles who will be gracing the church doors this Sunday. True, comments about Tiger’s comeback could very well be the resurrection cliche this year, but as the south celebrates all that Easter represents, many Augusta residents will also either be visiting the National or at least tuning in from home. 

In the most traditional Southern homes, ham and deviled eggs will be gracing the table come Sunday dinner (or lunch as those not from the South know it). Egg hunts, new dresses, and white shoes are costume de rigueur. While my day will certainly begin at Nana’s in just the same way, the opportunity for a truly inspired Spring party could not be denied. 

Since no Master’s tickets have magically appeared, by two this Sunday my Masters/ Easter party will be in full swing. This two part blog is specially crafted for those Augustans (of those who wish they were) who are looking for ideas for their own Master’s Sunday celebrations. 

My event is kid-friendly as it is Easter Sunday and anytime kids are invited some minor preparations are necessary to ensure that the party is enjoyable to the kids and then hence the parents. The first step is to invest in dozens of plastic Easter eggs to fill with candy, which can be hid for numerous egg hunts. Secondly, I’ll be renting Hop to play in the upstairs great room when the parents tire of hiding eggs. 

The menu also needs to translate between parents and children. Like any self-respecting Augustan woman I went straight to my collection of Tea-Time cookbooks for menu planning. I have settled on a menu of Pimento cheese toast points, tea sandwiches (egg salad will certainly be amongst the selection), pickled cucumber salad, pulled pork, Apricot pound cake, fresh-squeezed lemonade, sweet tea, and mint juleps. Many of the recipes are from the menu entitled “A  Springtime Outing.”


No self-respecting Augusta hostess would be caught without her Tea Time collection.



The decor will of course run to green and white. The tablecloths are being ironed and the buffet china set out. As a side-note, if you do entertain, a selection of inexpensive buffet china far surpasses paper or plastic and gives any party of feeling of elegance. I purchased mine some years ago at a discount store and have used it countless times since. 


A well-stocked buffet remains one of the secret behind seamless party plannign.

As the icing on the proverbial cake, I did purchase a green and white hat, which I will don for this special occasion along with my white dress. If you are going to do it up in style for spring, there is no better emulation than the royal family. 

It’s not too late. By Sunday no matter if you’re in Augusta or Minnesota, you too can have a Springtime Southern Soiree. I will be following this post with pictures of my own event. Please send pictures of your own party to for inclusion in the next post. 

One final gift for my loyal readers: my mother’s recipe for Apricot Pound Cake – a perfect springtime desert. 

Apricot Pound Cake

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup vegetable oil

1 cup apricot nectar

1 package lemon supreme cake mix

4 large eggs

  1. Mix sugar, oil, and apricot nectar in mixing bowl until incorporated
  2. Slowly add in the cake mix until incorporated
  3. Beat in eggs one at a time until the mix is smooth
  4. Spray a bunt pan liberally with Baker’s Joy nonstick spray
  5. Bake at 325 for one hour


Mix one cup of confectioners sugar and 1/2 cup of apricot nectar. Drizzle over cake immediately upon removal from the oven.


Both a beautiful centerpiece and a delicious finish to your springtime soiree, a bunt cake is easy and delicious.



One thought on “Mastering Easter

  1. Young lady you are a pure delight.I really enjoy your blog;thanks.And I mean that from the bottom of my Yankee heart.

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